[linux-audio-user] Motherboard recommendation?

davidrclark at earthlink.net davidrclark at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 19 16:51:57 EST 2004


I just built a new machine a week ago, so I'm somewhat current
on what's out there.  My first question is: Why 2.4 GHz?  Is this an
old processor that you're putting into a new mobo?  For music, especially
for real-time, you need balanced speed (speed everywhere).  As far as
I could determine, the 2.4 GHz processor has a 400/533 MHz FSB whereas
the 2.6 GHz processor has 400/533/800.  The 800 MHz FSB requires two
sticks of memory (inserted properly), but it would be significantly
faster than what you are considering, not because of the 0.2 Hz clock
speed increase, but due to the FSB speed.  The 2.6 GHz processor can also
use the 865PE or 875P chipset-based mobo's to full advantage.  If you
can do it, I would highly recommend that you reconsider choice of
processor if at all possible (and assuming that you're serious about
music apps --- or gaming or anything that requires speed).  

The reason I mention this is that you brought up dual-CPU mobo's.  You 
can almost get that performance increase compared to what you are asking 
about by reconsidering the processor and memory.  If you need to stick with the
processor, then I'll have to let someone else help out, not being familiar 
with other combinations.

Good luck!


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