[linux-audio-user] Motherboard recommendation?

Joe Button linux-audio-user at joebutton.co.uk
Mon Jan 19 20:59:36 EST 2004

Cheers David.

I'd love a newer processor but I still have the 2.4GHz left over from the 
death of my old Mobo, and I'm not exactly made of money. I survived with a 
PII 450 until a couple of months ago so I'm not quite ready to bin the new 
processor yet.

I've ordered an Asus P4P800/Deluxe. Hopefully the old CPU will die on me and 
I'll be forced to buy a whizzy new one.


On Monday 19 January 2004 21:51, davidrclark at earthlink.net wrote:
> Joe,
> I just built a new machine a week ago, so I'm somewhat current
> on what's out there.  My first question is: Why 2.4 GHz?  Is this an
> old processor that you're putting into a new mobo?  For music, especially
> for real-time, you need balanced speed (speed everywhere).  As far as
> I could determine, the 2.4 GHz processor has a 400/533 MHz FSB whereas
> the 2.6 GHz processor has 400/533/800.  The 800 MHz FSB requires two
> sticks of memory (inserted properly), but it would be significantly
> faster than what you are considering, not because of the 0.2 Hz clock
> speed increase, but due to the FSB speed.  The 2.6 GHz processor can also
> use the 865PE or 875P chipset-based mobo's to full advantage.  If you
> can do it, I would highly recommend that you reconsider choice of
> processor if at all possible (and assuming that you're serious about
> music apps --- or gaming or anything that requires speed).
> The reason I mention this is that you brought up dual-CPU mobo's.  You
> can almost get that performance increase compared to what you are asking
> about by reconsidering the processor and memory.  If you need to stick with
> the processor, then I'll have to let someone else help out, not being
> familiar with other combinations.
> Good luck!
> Dave.

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