[linux-audio-user] Looking for a distro strategy

rob fell robin.fell at ntlworld.com
Tue Jan 20 13:22:57 EST 2004

Greg Reddin wrote
> I suppose I could do the same thing using a partition on one of my
> existing hard disks.
> I could set up a /test partition and install a "clean" distro there.
> Then when i get ready to update a package I can install it and test
> it in my /test environment before overwriting my production system.
> I'll have to do some research on this as I don't actually know how to
> do it yet but it seems simple enough :-)

I do this routinely with Gentoo.

# mount /dev/hdaX /mnt/daw -o ro
# mount /dev/hdaY /mnt/new-daw
# cd /mnt/daw
# tar -cf - . | (cd /mnt/new-daw; tar -xf -)

...wait 20 minutes...

# [editor of choice] /mnt/new-daw/etc/fstab

... fix up your bootloader (I use GRUB), and reboot to your cloned partition.

I ping-pong between two partitions, so I always have a 'stable' partition to 
return to.

Good Luck

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