[linux-audio-user] New to the list & Linux

Guy Daniel CLOTILDE guy.clotilde at wanadoo.fr
Tue Jan 20 15:54:22 EST 2004

Richard K. Ingalls wrote / a écrit:
> > 
> 1) Are there Linux equivalents to Reason, Sonar, 
> FruityLoops, Cubase, ProTools, etc.?  Really?

Here are some:

-Skale and soundtracker (techno trackers)
-ReBorn (Rebirth clone, but developpement is stopped, e-mail me for mor informations)
-Muse and Rosegarden for midi and audio sequencing
-Noteedit for scores editing.
-Ladspa plugins for effects (tons of) . There are some VST ports too.
-Audacity for multitracks recording
-Ecasound (swiss knife for multitrack recording, but for the real men who use the command line ;-)
-Ardour is well reputed too, but I've been told it isn't very easy to use.
-gmorgan for auto-accompaniement (think of Band-in-a-box)
-a low latency patched kernel for achieving sub-10 ms latency (think ASIO drivers for cubase)
-Jack for connecting audio apps with low latency
-Lots of softsynth, from sampled based to real synths.

Some works are still in progress, but if you want to give a try, you won't regret it I think.
well and tons of utilities too, take a look at Dave Philips' excellent site: http://linux-sound.org.


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