[linux-audio-user] via82xx and jackd

Mark Knecht markknecht at comcast.net
Wed Jan 21 13:46:38 EST 2004

On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 10:35, Keith Parkins wrote:
> jackstart worked for setting the capabilities, but I'm still getting xruns
> in duplex mode even with the sampling rate set to 44100.
What results do you get with periods/buffer set higher?

For my 8235 I cannot run with 2 and 1024, but it works well even on an
unpatched kernel at 4 and 256. No xruns at all. I'm running remotely and
as a user using qjackctl. 

In my experience it doesn't always seem to be about 'latency'. Sometimes
it's about finding the specific parameters that work well with the
specific chip.

Good luck,

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