[linux-audio-user] Recommendations for the newbie?

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Delta 66 is good (and well supported).  I use AMD and VIA with few problems.  Of course, it can take a while to get everything the way you want it.  Tuning the system is probably the most time consuming part.


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Thanks to all who replied to my earlier posting 
about available apps for linux audio in comparison 
to Window$/Mac apps.  Now that I know there is an 
abundant supply of apps...  What would be your 
recommendations to help a Linux newbie make the 
transition and begin using a Linux DAW?  In other 
words how do you make music using your Linux DAW?

Next, sound card recommendations?  A friend may 
donate a Delta66 with Omni I/O breakout box to me. 
  I may also purchase a SB Live! (EMU10K) card for 
using soundfonts.  What cards work well?  Good 
driver support.  Low latency.  Good D/A chips. 
Low noice.  Etc.

Finally, is there a preference to Intel or AMD 
CPUs and chipsets?  Does one seem to work better 
than another?  VIA chipset?  nVidia?  Intel?

Sorry for asking what probably seems mundane to 
you. But, I'm new and want to get educated before 
making the switch.  But I am dedicated to making 
the switch from Window$ to Linux.

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