[linux-audio-user] Recommendations for the newbie?

Robert Jonsson robert.jonsson at dataductus.se
Wed Jan 21 15:52:26 EST 2004


onsdagen den 21 januari 2004 19.25 skrev Richard K. Ingalls:
> Thanks to all who replied to my earlier posting
> about available apps for linux audio in comparison
> to Window$/Mac apps.  Now that I know there is an
> abundant supply of apps...  What would be your
> recommendations to help a Linux newbie make the
> transition and begin using a Linux DAW?  In other
> words how do you make music using your Linux DAW?

My setup is a Delta44 and MusE connected to Jack and a bunch of softsynths 
(mainly MusE's internal softsynths)... that's pretty much it. Oh, and 
...someday... more dedicated use of Jamin for mastering.

> Next, sound card recommendations?  A friend may
> donate a Delta66 with Omni I/O breakout box to me.
>   I may also purchase a SB Live! (EMU10K) card for
> using soundfonts.  

I know people have very different opinions on this one... my own is that you 
can do without the sb-live card for soundfont purposes. Don't get me wrong, 
the Live is a very good card for playing sounds. I have several, I'm not 
using the soundfonts support anymore though. They serve as soundcard for all 
non-music purposes (*bling* sounds). Instead I'm using Fluidsynth, a software 
synth that utilizes soundfonts. There is also a softsynth called Timidity++ 
that many people use for this purpose.
The reason why not to use the Live for generating the sound is to keep the 
signal inside the computer. What this means in practice is mainly that I can 
apply LADSPA effects to the synth sounds in realtime without any extra 
midi-> sequencer -> softsynth -> effect-rack -> audio-out

in my case, using MusE which has an internal connection to fluidsynth it looks 
like this:
midi -> MusE -> MusE-fluid -> MusE-mixer -> audio-out

> What cards work well?  Good 
> driver support.  Low latency.  Good D/A chips.
> Low noice.  Etc.
> Finally, is there a preference to Intel or AMD
> CPUs and chipsets?  Does one seem to work better
> than another?  VIA chipset?  nVidia?  Intel?
> Sorry for asking what probably seems mundane to
> you. 
Nothing to be sorry about, having a place for asking questions is one of the 
main purposes of this list.
> But, I'm new and want to get educated before 
> making the switch.  But I am dedicated to making
> the switch from Window$ to Linux.

And a noble goal it is :)


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