[linux-audio-user] Recommendations for the newbie?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Jan 21 18:47:59 EST 2004

Richard K. Ingalls hat gesagt: // Richard K. Ingalls wrote:

> Thanks to all who replied to my earlier posting 
> about available apps for linux audio in comparison 
> to Window$/Mac apps.  Now that I know there is an 
> abundant supply of apps...  What would be your 
> recommendations to help a Linux newbie make the 
> transition and begin using a Linux DAW?  In other 
> words how do you make music using your Linux DAW?

IMO, there's no other way than to try out some applications yourself.
Everyone has a different style of working. I work almost exclusivly
inside Pd, sometimes enhanced through some Python/C++ programming and
soundfile editing. A more common approach might be using
MusE/Rosegarden to compose or record MIDI, or use Ardour to record
live music and arrange it. Or you might like Soundtracker. 

There's no way to guess what you will like, so you'll have to try lots
of apps. 

> Next, sound card recommendations?  A friend may 
> donate a Delta66 with Omni I/O breakout box to me. 
>  I may also purchase a SB Live! (EMU10K) card for 
> using soundfonts.  

Both nice cards. Both will do. It also depends on what you want to
achieve and how your workstyle is. 

> What cards work well?  Good driver support.  Low latency.  Good D/A
> chips.  Low noice.  Etc.

Beware that SBLive might "enhance" your sound with built-in effects.
The Delta will give you pure sound. I prefer the latter (I have a
SBLive and a Delta Audiophile in my box and I now never use the SBLive
anymore. I'm gonna through it away, if I don't find use for it in
another machine.)

> Finally, is there a preference to Intel or AMD 
> CPUs and chipsets?  Does one seem to work better 
> than another?  


> VIA chipset?  nVidia?  Intel?

I stay clear of Nvidia, some of their stuff (ethernet, graphics card)
is only fully supported on Linux by binary drivers. I won't support
such a detrimental attitude with my money. YMMV.

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