[linux-audio-user] sound input directly to output

wouter buytaert wouter.buytaert at tiscali.be
Fri Jan 23 17:47:40 EST 2004


for some reason, my sound input is redirected directly to the output
instead of being captured by alsa/jack/ardour.

I suppose there are many possible explanations, but are there easy
checks to get an idea about where my sound input gets lost? Or a
detailed guide about sound input and alsa and jack?

Sound input has been working with ecamegapedal before I installed
ardour, so I suppose it's no hardware problem.

My setup:

gentoo kernel 2.4.23
ASUS A7N8X-X nforce mainboard
alsa snd-intel8x0 driver (working for output)
jack 0.91 (output OK)
  jack readable clients: alsa_pcm (capture_1 & capture_2)



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