[linux-audio-user] linux and alsaplayer

Christophe Vescovi vescovi at lpsc.in2p3.fr
Wed Jan 28 06:17:17 EST 2004

James Stone a écrit :

>> I did the rt-capability operation.Now alsaplayer and ardour
>>are doing fine with jackstart.
>>Muse doesnt like this way.With jackstart it still needs to be root for 
>>starting,but then it crashes.It still works when jack is started the old 
>>way (as root).
>>The qeustion is who is to blame :me,jack or muse?
>>Thanks for the help
>>Jaap van Geffen
> You have to compile muse with the --enable-rtcap option or change the
> muse executable to suid (chmod +s /usr/local/bin/muse or whatever).
> James

I think the --enable-rtcap option is broken in the latest Muse release. 
At least the last time I try it was not able to compile givertcap.c. I 
think it has something to do why Muse wanting to compile it with gcc 
instead of g++ (Tommi Ilmonen file is givertcap.C and not givertcap.c as 
in Muse). I am not sure it's the only problem .... otherwise it should 
be easily fixed.

What is working is the --enable-suid-install option.


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