[linux-audio-user] linux and alsaplayer

jaap jacobus at free.fr
Fri Jan 23 19:41:31 EST 2004

> >
> > Anyone knows what I'm missing?
> >
> emerge -vp jack-audio-connection-kit.
> I think you will not see jack as a flag. I had the same problem this morning
> for some reason. Check to make sure you have the jack flag in make.conf and
> make sure you are using the ~x86 version. For some reason it looked like the
> current stable version doesn't use jack, so I went to ~x86 and everything
> was fine.
> - Mark

-emerge -vp alsaplayer gives for me  alsaplayer-0.99.75-r1 
without a flag for jack,
ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="x86" emerge -pv alsaplayer  gives alsaplayer-o.99.76,
now with a flag for jack that is to +

The other new thing is that there is a dependencie with libjackasyn
but libjackasyn-0.8 fails to compile for me 

I forced alsaplayer to upgrade,without libjackasync,using 
emerge withe --nodeps option,but it seems to be allright.
Now even the gtk-interface is coming up:)

Must run it as root though.I'm going to study this problem
setting everything suid root?

Thanks a lot,

Jaap van Geffen


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