[linux-audio-user] [ot] Is DJ-ing commercial use of music tracks?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Jan 24 06:59:08 EST 2004

iriXx hat gesagt: // iriXx wrote:

> as you're based in Germany it might be helpful for you to get in touch 
> with Christiane Asschenfeldt, who is coordinating the international 
> porting of Creative Commons - her details are on this page: 
> http://creativecommons.org/projects/international/. i believe there is a 
> German porting in discussion too, but it isnt yet mentioned on the page.

I'd prefer to get in contact with netlabels to remove the
non-commercial clause from their releases. ;)

> yes, public performance in a commercial setting (where you get paid) 

But I will only get, I guess, below 50 Euro for a night there. :( And
of course free drinks. Free as in beer. But I know, non-commercial or
not doesn't depend on the amount of money you "make". 

When dj-ing vinyl it was interesting to note, that several of the
german electronic 12-inch labels intentionally asked their artists,
that they released their music "GEMA-free". GEMA is a German
copyright asociation for music, which collects money
from DJs, radios, dance bands etc. and distributes it to musicans and

Well, with those GEMA-free techno 12"es all you had to do to be
allowed to play a dance track in a club was to buy that vinyl. After
that you wouldn't have to ask if you're allowed to DJ these tracks,
this was the self-evident thing to do with a 12".

It seems to me, that netlabels today miss something important, the
elders did know, when they now release under a "free" (beer) CC
license, that turns out to be not free enought to allow hobby dj's to
play their tracks.

But I wonder, if this section here: 
  "You may not exercise any of the rights granted to You in Section 3
  above in any manner that is primarily intended for or directed
  toward commercial advantage or private monetary compensation."

could be used to my advantage: I don't "primarily intend" to make
money by playing netaudio in public. I have a day job and such, this
is a hobby. (Still, staying up all night in a smoke-filled room and
such *is* work, as well).

> is commercial use. the net audio project sounds like more of a grey
> area.  but take heart - not all of us Creative Commons advocates use
> the non-commercial license. i license my work with the CC equivalent
> of Libre licensing - the Attribution-Share-Alike license - which
> permits commercial copying. i dont know if my strange psychic
> soundscapes are quite what you're after though ;)...

I could very well be: I intend to play experimental stuff, which isn't
played that much by other DJs. (It's more a pub setting I'm directing
at, not actually a club). 

Ah, what the heck: As no-one knows the tracks I'm gonna play I may as
well just use Pd to create noise myself and tell the audience, that
this was some hip Korean underground stuff originally released on
cassette tape 1987. ;)

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