[linux-audio-user] How to set up my linux box to record an album

Livio liviotrivellizzi at virgilio.it
Mon Jan 26 07:00:55 EST 2004

> > Audacity is quit good, i've tested it, but with this software I can
> > record only an instrument at time.
> > Assuming that i'm going to record one instrument at time (guitar, bass,
> > and so on) what i can do with the drum?! I need more channel to record
> > decently a drum. And assuming that i've got a mixerteble (i think it's a
> > "mixer" the one wich is used also during the concerts, sorry for my poor
> > english) to record the drum how can i later mix all the trucks?!
> > I need something like ardour.
> You can record drums using a mixer and putting microphones on the drums 
> you want to have some control. Usually 4 mics give good results: two 
> overheads, one for the kick and other for snare/hihat. They can go to an 
> independent track if your soundcard has more than a stereo input, or 
> mixed together in a stereo signal using your mixer if you only have one 
> stereo input. The only concern here is getting your sound levels right 
> before recording as you won't have individual control of levels later on.
> Remember to have some kind of time measuring on the intros, outros and 
> basically everytime that drums are silent. You can get the drummer to 
> click his/her sticks but only if they have good time, otherwise try to 
> use a click track.
> Feel free to ask more questions.
> Eduardo.

Ok here are my more questions! :D
I've tried to recompile a kernel in my mdk 9.1 with low latency support
but, as i expected, all went wrong. this was my first kernel
compilation. Than i've seen that with fedora core 1 the setup of my
linux box to record audio could be more easy. It's right?!

I've tried to start ardour that i've setup with the command " # urpmi
jackit-realtime ardour audacity alsamixergui swh-plugins cmt" that i've
find in this page
Ardour start ok but i can insert any track or sound, i don't know how to
record for my mic, just for make a test. I've also read the manual that
i've found in the ardour home page but i can't find an help for my



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