[linux-audio-user] Terratec DMX6 Fire recording problems & Rosegarden MIDI question

RachelAPP app at appband.com
Tue Jan 27 16:31:50 EST 2004

I am new to Linux and new to this list - a friend of mine set it up last WE 
cause i was fed up with Windows and its capitalist way of working. I have 
Debian 2.4.22 i think (i know it's 2.4 something). It got installed using 
Knoppix then it got upgraded. We tried to upgrade it to 2.6 but some things 
were obviously wrong in the set up as it doesn't boot properly (probably 
something wrong with the graphic settings cause the screen goes all black). 
So i boot to 2.4.

I have a Terratec DMX 6 Fire soundcard and Rosegarden 4 and Audacity but my 
problem is i don't seem to be able to record anything. I plugged in my 4 
tracks portastudio into the line input as i used to do and i can hear it on 
my monitors but i can't record anything in Audacity. I have tried to play 
around with the various things in the alsamixer, setting everything to 
Capture and all the levels up and so on, but to no avail.
Has anyone got any idea why i can't record?

I also have a question about Rosegarden4. I have a Evolution MIDI keyboard 
controller, it's a USB device - i don't seem to get any MIDI date in when 
it's plugged via the USB port but i get MIDI data in when i plug it into the 
front MIDI input on my soundcard, which is OK for now (i will look into this 
USB thing when i upgrade to 2.6 properly i guess). However, i cannot hear 
anything - i have set things to "Midi device 1 channel 1" for example and 
then selected a bank and a sound - i know the MIDI data gets in as i can see 
the small U-meter near the track number go up and down but can't hear 
anything. When i go to the set up, it says somewhere "MIDI OK, no audio" - 
what does it mean and is it a problem?

I was used to a few programs under Windows but i am not a master in any of 
them under Windows and i am totally new to the Linux environment so i'm not 
sure whether it is connected to something wrong in my set up or me not 
understanding how the software actually works...

Any help would be very much appreciated, especially with the audacity 
recording issue as i've done some recordings with a friend and we want to mix 
them now but we are stuck because of this issue!


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