[linux-audio-user] re: audacity

BrbrOfSvl at aol.com BrbrOfSvl at aol.com
Wed Jan 28 16:13:39 EST 2004

->I think audacity uses the OSS emulation layer of ALSA, maybe there is a
new "feature" (bug?) in the newest ALSA that breaks emulation for the

What sort of message do you get on startup?
-- Fernando<-

That's just it - there is no startup.  It just hangs there with no message or any activity at all - until you interrupt the process or kill it in another shell.  I'm going to try downgrading to the "latest stable release" (which is earlier than the 1.1-3 version on planetccrma) when the audacity site is back up - where did the ccrma audacity come from?



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