[linux-audio-user] fluidsynth shell commands

Gerrit Niestijl gn at hetnet.nl
Fri Jan 30 20:00:37 EST 2004


>   I think fluidsynth has a special option to force interactive mode, but I'm
> not sure. Just try fluidsynth --help | less.

Well, there is a -i or --no-shell parameter, it suggests the
opposite, but does not work at all:

$ fluidsynth -i -m alsa_seq  ~/gerrit.sf2
cca_open_socket: error connecting to destination 'localhost:14541': Connection refused
cca_comm_connect_to_server: could not create server connection
cca_init: could not connect to server 'localhost:14541' - disabling ladcca
** Using format s16, rw, interleaved

That's it, fluidsynth only displays some messages and then quits. I am
not even trying to send commands!

Maybe it's some shell | pipe magic i don't know about?

Is there anyone on this list who has some more experience with sending
commands from a file to fluidsynth?


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