[linux-audio-user] Re: sound & midi applications page, was Re: [Consortium] linuxaudio.org

Larry Troxler lt at westnet.com
Sat Jan 31 19:23:28 EST 2004

On Saturday 31 January 2004 17:14, Dave Phillips wrote:
> Greetings:
>   I want to add here that Paul's project certainly has my blessings. We
> all know how badly the site needs redesigned,
> and Paul is aware that I'm not going to put the time into learning a
> better content management system. I'd like to, but
> my time is severely limited and I have to be doing other things.

I'd like to say thank you, Dave.  linux-sound.org has always been my first 
stop when I want to see what's new, or else am in a brainstorming mood and I 
want to see what's out there in some area that I haven't explored yet. It's  
also the first URLl I give to anyone who asks about music apps on Linux. I've 
always felt that it was complete, in the sense that if there was some 
worthwhile linux music-related project going on, you have searched it out and 
listed it.

I haven't been following the discussions and so I don't know in detail what 
the plan is to replace your site, but I understand that it's been getting to 
be more work than you have time for.

Larry Troxler

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