[linux-audio-user] Ann: Specimen v0.1.0 (the first beta release)

Pete Bessman ninjadroid at ml1.net
Sat Jan 31 23:44:11 EST 2004

Too everyone who's waited with bated breath for this day to come
(primarily me), rejoice in the first beta release of Specimen, a midi
controlled audio sampler for GNU/Linux systems.  

Features as listed on the webpage:

# ALSA sequencer interface support.
# Audio output via ALSA or JACK.
# Individual panning and volume controls for each patch.
# High quality cubically interpolated pitch scaling.
# Sample start/stop and loop points.
# Three playback modes; "normal" just plays the sample, "trim" plays
  the sample and stops early if so instructed, "loop" plays the sample
  for the requested duration.
# Patch bank saving and loading in the "beef" file format.

Check out www.gazuga.net for more and to download the source.  I'm
gonna spend the next few days giving the program a usability test and
creating a demo song that does it justice, so keep your ears open for
some homegrown UHB in the not-too-distant future.


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