[linux-audio-user] Getting around the limitations of a low-end card

Them idragosani at chapelperilous.net
Fri Jul 2 17:16:02 EDT 2004

Mark Wilson wrote:

> Particularly the last section:
> "What if I don't own a sound card with "Wavetable"
> synthesis?"
> What would be the comparable alternative(s) under
> Linux?
> virmidi?

There are various softsynths (QSynth, AMSynth, Hydrogen, I think 
Timidity has a built-in one also) that can be used, and many sound 
better than the wavetable synthesis you will find on a cheap soundcard.

You can always use outboard MIDI synths also.

I use both, actually, since my audio hardware (Audiophile 2496) doesn't 
have its own synthesizer -- all the better, I say!

-- Brett

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