[linux-audio-user] Getting around the limitations of a low-end card

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Fri Jul 2 18:02:21 EDT 2004

Hi Mark:

  No, virmidi provides a virtual MIDI connection for machines with no 
external MIDI I/O ports. It enables a MIDI sequencer running on my 
laptop to connect to a concurrently running synth like AMS, ZynAddSubFX, 
SSM, or TiMidity.

  What you want is something like TiMidity, a software synthesizer that 
uses SF2 soundfonts or Gravis Ultrasound PAT files for its sound sources.

  And FWIW, wavetable synthesis originally had quite a different meaning 
than the soundcard manufacturers decided on for it. In Csound, for 
instance, wavetable synthesis refers to the use of a stored function 
table to provide an oscillator with a single-cycle waveform. Not that 
that's made a lick of difference to the soundcard manufacturers... ;)

Best regards,

Dave Phillips

Mark Wilson wrote:

>While googling info. about how to accomplish musical
>expression in MIDI, I digressed to the following link:
>Particularly the last section:
>"What if I don't own a sound card with "Wavetable"
>What would be the comparable alternative(s) under
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