[linux-audio-user] moterhboard and sound card advise

Malcolm Baldridge linux-audio at paypc.com
Fri Jul 2 23:07:22 EDT 2004

> It's a very popular {Opterons as well} processor in Winworld
> {despite the fact that there's no software that takes advantage
> of it.} 

Opterons are so expensive for their performance, alas.
>  Windows64 will be out of beta soon enough and I'm sure that the 
> platform will go. :} 

I'm not sure 64-bit computing for the masses is that much of an issue.  It's
certainly not possessed of compelling advantages in the way Windows 95
offered to DOS/Windows 3.1 users.

I don't know anyone outside of the hardcore who even have more than 1GB of
RAM in their machines.  It still costs a non-trivial amount of money to put
more than 2GB into most systems.

> Perhaps it's something to consider. {Both when choosing a compiler and
> when evaluating hardware.}

Admitted.  You speak some wisdom here.

I am still scorched at AMD a bit for their thermal dissipation crimes of the
Athlons.  But I'm also still simmering over how Intel dropped the ball (and
the entire match) with their Itanium.  How many years have they been
shipping it?  And how expensive, and relatively "useless" is it still?

Maybe the PowerPC G5 is looking more and more attractive, but it's alas only
shipping in (surrounding) hardware I don't like with flawed Linux support. 
Bleh.  I just can't win.

A focus on Quality.

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