[linux-audio-user] moterhboard and sound card advise

RickTaylor at Speakeasy.Net RickTaylor at Speakeasy.Net
Sat Jul 3 00:06:48 EDT 2004

} > It's a very popular {Opterons as well} processor in Winworld
} > {despite the fact that there's no software that takes advantage
} > of it.} 
}  Opterons are so expensive for their performance, alas.

 Not in contrast to Intels processors. http://www.pricewatch.com/

} >  Windows64 will be out of beta soon enough and I'm sure that the 
} > platform will go. :} 
}  I'm not sure 64-bit computing for the masses is that much of an issue.  It's
}  certainly not possessed of compelling advantages in the way Windows 95
}  offered to DOS/Windows 3.1 users.

 Take a look at soundonsound. Take a look at many of the sales catalogs... it's
the only thing they're selling. {straight commercial pages}

}  I don't know anyone outside of the hardcore who even have more than 1GB of
}  RAM in their machines.  It still costs a non-trivial amount of money to put
}  more than 2GB into most systems.
} > Perhaps it's something to consider. {Both when choosing a compiler and
} > when evaluating hardware.}
}  Admitted.  You speak some wisdom here.
}  I am still scorched at AMD a bit for their thermal dissipation crimes of the
}  Athlons.  But I'm also still simmering over how Intel dropped the ball (and
}  the entire match) with their Itanium.  How many years have they been
}  shipping it?  And how expensive, and relatively "useless" is it still?

 I wouldn't call it useless... just targeted. {and expensive} Once Athlon has
opened things up... They'll either have to drop prices or come up with
something compatible. {They'll have to come up with something compatible

 :} You know how it goes with "buzzwords".

 AMD has done a lot to improve the operating temperature of their

}  Maybe the PowerPC G5 is looking more and more attractive, but it's alas only
}  shipping in (surrounding) hardware I don't like with flawed Linux support. 
}  Bleh.  I just can't win.

 You mean the 64 bit model? :}

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