[linux-audio-user] yeah

Robert Jonsson rj at spamatica.se
Sun Jul 4 07:02:30 EDT 2004

söndagen den 4 juli 2004 02.47 skrev RickTaylor at speakeasy.net:
> Anyone gotten this running under wine? {Asking this 'cause I've not used
> wine in years and I'd like to know if I'm wasting my time before I start
> wasting my time.}
> http://www.zynewave.com/guide/index.htm

I gave the demo a try but I'm unable to install it. The demo is in *.msi 
format which it seems that Windows should recognize as a Microsoft Installer 
file. I don't know how to coax wine into understanding that. The binaries for 
the installer linked on the page didn't help.


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