[linux-audio-user] Fresh PC waiting for basic installation - Advice?

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Mon Jul 5 12:46:00 EDT 2004

When you use the planet all of these things are included.  The kernel is
patched, ALSA is there, all of the apps just download and work.  You
*do* need to make sure you get the kernel source but it's there as
well.  As I said before, the only apps that I build from scratch are
JACK, Ardour, and JAMin.  The only reason I build JAMin from scratch is
because I work on the code.  Otherwise, I'd just download it from the
planet as well.  Having built everything from scratch before I can tell
you that the planet not only is easier but that it does things the right


On Mon, 2004-07-05 at 10:28, Alejandro Lopez wrote:
> Guys,
> Many thanks for the time and effort spent on giving advice, it's much 
> appreciated.
> Basically, you guys have recommended:
> -Mandrake + Thac's RPMs (Robert)
> -DeMuDi (Tim and Stefano)
> -Planet CCRMA (Jan)
> ..Which basically boils down to: Mandrake vs Debian vs Redhat. Not sure if 
> it's a wise decision, but I'm then thinking about choosing the distro based 
> on:
> -Is ALSA supported on the distro or did you have to download and install 
> ALSA separately?
> -Did you find the kernel easy to patch for low latency? (I assume all 
> Thac's, DeMuDi and Planet have some patch set for this).
> Any thoughts much appreciated.
> Yours,
> Alex
> PS: starting a new thread soon to briefly explain what note tuning and audio 
> quantizing is for the ones who are interested, glad to contribute somehow 
> :-)
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