[linux-audio-user] Lib_fst + VST server...

Russell Hanaghan hanaghan at starband.net
Wed Jul 7 18:35:14 EDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-07-07 at 14:51, Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen wrote:
> Russell Hanaghan:
> > 
> > Just wondering what the consensus is on the new lib_fst and recent
> > updates to vst server...is it getting easier to install for example?
> > 
> > I spent a LOT of time last round to no avail. I really want to be able
> > to use my VST's on linux but I also need SLEEP! :)
> Regarding the vstserver, theres small small changes in the code
> since the last release, (which probably wont affect many people anyway).
> But I haven't released anything because I'm not able to make
> the vstserver compile with later versions of wine. I haven't asked on the 
> wine-list because I previously haven't much answers on that list,
> and I don't know how to express the problems I'm having either.
> The vstserver works pretty well, and, at the moment, probably much
> better than lib_fst for most people. But I wouldn't reccomend
> at all using any vst plugins in linux if theres a good ladspa/jack 
> alternative. Its problematic, and should in my opinion only be
> used in special situations, for example if you want to show windows
> people that, yes indeed, you can run the B4 vst instrument in linux.
> Or, if you want to use the B4 vst instrument in linux, because you want 
> to use the B4 vst instrument. Nah, only my opinion. I'm sorry, its
> not allways very easy to use, and my general advice if you can't
> get a vst plugin to work, is that you should just give up.

I appreciate your forthright response. I'm sure you too have lost, in
fact, MANY, MANY more hours of sleep than I on this application. :)

All I want is to have a few options up my sleeve with basic reverbs,
delays and maybe a Vocoder and chorus. There are some good LADSPA plugs
and I use them all the time. I'm just a glutton!! :)) 

And, I get around a bit with my live rig. It IS good advertising for
Linux as I do get quite a few questions about it when people with any
musical and technical background hear my stuff live.

Thanks for the tip though...


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