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RickTaylor at Speakeasy.Net RickTaylor at Speakeasy.Net
Thu Jul 8 12:09:20 EDT 2004

On 07-Jul-2004 Russell Hanaghan wrote:

}  All I want is to have a few options up my sleeve with basic reverbs,
}  delays and maybe a Vocoder and chorus. There are some good LADSPA plugs
}  and I use them all the time. I'm just a glutton!! :)) 

 There are many folk that will want to use b4 or fm7 or cube or one of Arturias
Moog emulations or kontact or intakt regardless of what platform it's running

 {This would be because they've lost many hours of sleep learning to run them

 These people will use the platform upon which their chosen instrument {or 
firewire card} will operate... contribute to that platform ...advertise that
platform by word of mouth {or in various online forums} ...answer various
questions like "hey' I've heard you can do such-and-such on *****" with the
appropriate yes or no response ...form user groups to further the use of said
platform, spend money on said platform, actually use said platform, etc, etc,

97% of the above mentioned users give not a fig as to whether or not the above
mentioned platform is 10, 20 or 100% open source. Tho' many folk do find the
idea to be offensive. {Mainly because they've not read or understood the GPL
tho' it would seem that many of them take issue with the authors themselves.}

I'm purposely leaving this train of thought incomplete.

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