[linux-audio-user] Finale for Linux

reed stefano.cardo at fastwebnet.it
Thu Jul 8 14:28:37 EDT 2004

At 20.01 08/07/04, you wrote:
>reed wrote:
>>I think that if some one of you believe that an open source development of Finale has to birh,
>>we have to write them a lot...
>Don't count on it happening.  And you don't need it on Linux anyway.
>I think Rosegarden or NoteEdit are good contenders, and don't cost you $500.00.  And Rosegarden works with JACK and LADSPA plugins, whereas Finale does not.  And Finale can't do LilyPond.  Finale's PostScript output option is a piece of junk, IMHO.

I agree any technical reason, any commercial dissents, but as a professional musician, I haven't enough time to typeset a score with lilypond... I tryied a lot, but for people that read music automatically Finale is really the best way of copying, transposing and making music.

Noteedit, could be good for sequencing, as Logic or Rosegarden, but not for typesetting.

Try to make a good transcription of an edited score with Noteedit, and the we talk again.

Try to wryte easyly a tuplet with noteedit... 

I'm sure about I've to pravtise a lot with denemo or noteedit, but I can't say.. "Ok Linux is ok for typesetting"... believe me!


Stefano Cardo
Debian DeMuDi GNU/Linux User 

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