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RickTaylor at Speakeasy.Net RickTaylor at Speakeasy.Net
Thu Jul 8 17:45:02 EDT 2004

On 08-Jul-2004 Them wrote:
}  RickTaylor at speakeasy.net wrote:
} >  Animation {2d} flash, svg} is lacking ...Tho' it's getting attended to and
} > getting better.} I don't think there's a usable professional solution yet.
} > There is java but that's not going to appeal to many folk. There's Moho but
} > no one's ever heard of it.
}  Actually, I use Moho... it's pretty cool, and even supports IK.  Amazing 
}  that it isn't marketed more aggressively.  It's only $99.00 and is 
}  pretty advanced.

 It is pretty nice. I still need to pay for a copy. Supposedly Macromedia
intends to port Flash pretty soon though...

} >  Video... needs much work. It would be nice if Avid would port. Main Actor
} > pretty good... though convincing folk of that is something similar to the
} > photoshop thing. Kdenlive looks like it will be a good solution very soon.
} > Cinelerra seems to me to be a solution for folk building systems.
}  If you can get it to run.  Jahshaka and Kino are moving along as free 
}  alternative, but of course they can't compare to Adobe or Avid software.

 Jahshaka's ok... it strikes me as incomplete. I don't really like the editor
in Kino. Kdenlive strikes me as an excellent solution {Tho' it's incomplete it
is coming along fairly quickly.}

} >  I'm surprised that the SGI ports of Inventor, etc don't get more press {or
} > use}. openh323, openexr, theora or dirac don't get more press or attention.
}  Open EXR is probably the most famous... many Linux graphics apps support 
}  it directly (CinePaint, K-3D, for instance).

 Both of which I use. {Tho' I don't have any real interest in 3d... I should
say "I use CinePaint... K3d has a home on my harddrive". I'll get to it 

 ...You rarely hear them discussed anywhere and they all strike me as selling
points for linux.

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