[linux-audio-user] A little scared of Debian, was Fresh PC waiting for basic installation - Advice?

Alejandro Lopez alex_osiris at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 9 08:55:45 EDT 2004

Dear All,

I had just decided to give DeMuDi a try, I had decided this for simplicity 
because now there's a beta available which comes as a single CD, that's 
single instalation for OS (Debian) + music studio.

But I've just come accross this article:
entitled "An Unbiased Review of Debian 3.0". They say things like you are 
supposed to know the name of your drivers (name of the files, not the name 
of the hardware to be supported that usually comes as a description in a 
database!). I've been very dissapointed to read this. I know that people 
here who have recommended it say they had it running in little time and 
effort, but is that due to you having quite some background?

I have installed Debian years ago, then Redhat recently. I've found Debian 
installation a nightmare compared to Redhat, but I always thought it was a 
matter of evolution with years. I don't know what to think anymore, the 
article says pretty scary stuff actually in the areas that have 
traditionally been grey in Linux (compared to our friend Windows).

Do you share these views and experiences? Will I need to figure out the 
names of my files during install and stuff like that? (I definitely recall 
having to do that with Debian but that was years ago.)

Many thanks.



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