[linux-audio-user] A little scared of Debian, was Fresh PC waiting for basic installation - Advice?

Them idragosani at chapelperilous.net
Fri Jul 9 09:49:43 EDT 2004

Alejandro Lopez wrote:

> But I've just come accross this article:
> http://www.debianplanet.org/node.php?id=831
> entitled "An Unbiased Review of Debian 3.0". They say things like you 
> are supposed to know the name of your drivers (name of the files, not 
> the name of the hardware to be supported that usually comes as a 
> description in a database!). I've been very dissapointed to read this. I 
> know that people here who have recommended it say they had it running in 
> little time and effort, but is that due to you having quite some 
> background?

That's kind of an old article, but regardless, I don't think Debian is 
that difficult to install.  I've never had to know the names of the 
files for drivers for installation.  The main thing that confuses some 
people is partitioning their hard disk, and the older Debian installers 
used fdisk, I think, but they have better partitioning tools now (even 
an 'auto' option).  If you want Debian, use the newer Debian installer, 
it makes Debian installation a snap.  If you've got a good fast Internet 
connection, I even recommend getting the compact installer -- you 
download 2 floppy disk images, burn them to a boot disk and a root disk, 
then most of the installation is done via the net.  I install all of my 
Debian boxes with this method -- you are insured to get the latest from 
Debian (if you are foolhardy like me, you can install testing/unstable 
to get the bleeding edge stuff):


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