[linux-audio-user] Note typesetting for Linux

saraband darwin886 at yahoo.ca
Fri Jul 9 12:28:57 EDT 2004

--- Mikhail Ramendik <mr at ramendik.ru> wrote: > Michal
Seta wrote:
> > I'm sorry but I don't think Finale or any clone of
> it should exist in
> > linux.  It became a de facto standard because it
> used to be the only
> > decent quality consummer desktop music publishing
> app.  Just because
> > most of linux users/developers come from Windows
> background does not
> > mean we should all go for the same kinds of
> solutions.  A lot of them
> > are bad.  I understand that users have certain
> work habits so some
> > middle ground needs be found... sometimes.
> It's not about work habits for me.
> I have not been interested in music editing at all
> until I have married
> a musician lady in early 2003. She never did
> computer music editing too.
> And she's the classical kind of musician, preferring
> acoustic
> instruments and such; for her the PC is an editing
> and typesetting tool
> for making scores she will play on a very real
> piano.
> With Finale, she is at ease with her existing
> skills. She is trained to
> think of the score and see the score! But wilh
> Lilypond and such, she in
> effect needs to learn *programming* - a very
> different thing from what
> classical musicians do.
> Yours, Mikhail Ramendik
It is interesting because I subscribe to a classical
guitar newsgroup and, like Dubya,  WYSIWYG vs. coding
notation programmes is a hot and divisive topic.  I
wonder if there is some sort of brain lateralization
issue here (I'm left-handed for what it is worth).  

What I have always found unsatisfactory about
pointy-clicky music notation programmes is that there
are far too many built-in formatting assumptions made
about your intended layout.  I mostly notate classical
guitar music which is very dense and complex - often
there are three independent voices on one stave.  For
me, coding is as close as you can get (except for a
copper engraving plate) to starting out with a blank
page and laying things out as you want.  You are not
limited to a handful of choices from a drop down menu
or a dialog box.   

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