[linux-audio-user] Finale for Linux

Chris Pickett chris.pickett at mail.mcgill.ca
Fri Jul 9 15:43:43 EDT 2004

Chris Pickett wrote:
> RickTaylor at Speakeasy.Net wrote:
>> I'm thinking more along the lines of a open source system with shareware apps.
>>I think the system itself would go down the tubes if you started getting
>>internal competition, etc.
> I guess ... I guess I've stopped distinguishing between system and 
> application.  Is Mozilla part of the system?  Or is it definitely an 
> application?  Do you define application by replaceable, non-essential 
> part?  What's essential?  Is X essential?  How about bash?  Is the linux 
> kernel even essential?  Can't you run this software with a different 
> kernel?  I basically view everything as a set of interoperating programs 
> -- including the music stuff -- although I might concede that the kernel 
> is perhaps the only "true" system component.

What I meant to say was, every piece is essential in a fluid, 
well-functioning system, and there is no differentiation between them, 
but if one insists on drawing a line somewhere then it's between kernel 
space and userland.  Including music stuff :)


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