[linux-audio-user] A little scared of Debian, was Fresh PC waiting for basic installation - Advice?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Jul 9 18:19:05 EDT 2004

Marv Smoak hat gesagt: // Marv Smoak wrote:

> Are deb packages available for kernels/rpms in the Planet CCRMA collection?

Debian has the largest selection of packages of all distributions
AFAIK. There are various packages for low latency or capabilities
patches on 2.4 kernels in Debian (unstable/testing) or you could
install the DeMuDi pre-built kernel package. 

> And what else is better from a system setup/maintenance point of
> view?

I wouldn't necessarily call anything "better" in particular, but the
package management system is great, as I already wrote, as is, that
every package, that needs configuring, does so on installation using a
customizable, but common way called debconf. And then you can always
install the software you prefer for system administration. In my case
this is just Vim, though. ;)

Other distributions offer more centralized admin tools. Suse for
example has Yast2. In Debian the choice is yours. This can be a
problem to someone who hasn't yet decided on the favourite way to
administer a system. If you want something more graphical and
centralized, than Webmin is a good choice, I guess. But I don't know
these kinds of tools very well, so maybe someone else has other

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