[linux-audio-user] 24-track setup question

Aaron Trumm aaron at nquit.com
Sun Jul 11 05:25:34 EDT 2004

> My understanding is that Paul Davis uses HDSP, Fedora Core 1, Planet
> CCRMA, Ardour/JACK/ALSA to do this.  Ron Parker may be running something
> similar in his studio but I'm not sure exactly what gear/distro.  I know
> he's using Ardour though.
> Jan

this is to reiterate something that I said in my reply - my understanding is
that Paul is using something like the multiface or digiface (maybe he'll see
this and answer?) but not the 9652 (actually I don't know of anybody but me
using the 9652 and ardour now that mark knecht moved it to a windoze box) -
and when I was really working on it before we seemed to all come to the
consensus that there was some key differences with the 9652 - subtle but key

oh something I forgot - at least one studio (the big one) at Stanford's
CCRMA when I was there visiting was using a red hat box with the multiface
version of hdsp - Nando didn't give me any indication that they were having
any stability problems - although I started another conversation about that
with him recently, that when we both are slightly less busy we'll probably
talk about, and I'll give it to y'all if there's any relevant we discover or
report to eachother

my general stance on it is that the situation with at least the 9652 and
ardour can't be called stable in professional enviroments - I don't know of
any reports of that card being stable.  in fact I'm almost counting on
having to learn a lot and help thomas c. with the driver (and I mean
learning a LOT *laugh*)

red hat was more stable than gentoo in general on this for me

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