[linux-audio-user] Connecting JackRack

stefano cardo stefano.cardo at fastwebnet.it
Mon Jul 12 06:39:58 EDT 2004

At 22.28 11/07/04, you wrote:
>Can someone give me a hint about the following...
>My midi-keyboard is connected to my Audigy soundcard and I use qjackctl to
>connect it to the emu10k1 wavetable as follows:
>Readable clients                    Writable clients
>64:0 Audigy MPU-401 (UART) ---->    65:0 Emu10k1 WaveTable

Please wich Audigy do you have?

Because I have an Audigy LS and it seems not to be supported jet.

If you ask

# lspci

which output do you obtain??

Can you help  me please!!


Stefano Cardo
Debian DeMuDi GNU/Linux User 

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