[linux-audio-user] Finale, music typesetting for Linux, and Bordeaux reds

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Tue Jul 13 09:46:40 EDT 2004

Hi all:

  I returned from Bordeaux yesterday and am now plowing through the 
hundreds of recent messages here. The particular threads re: Finale and 
music typesetting are especially apropos for me: I've been working on a 
heavy revision to the music notation software chapter of my book, and my 
researches are leading me to some interesting (well I think they're 
interesting ;) provisional conclusions. But before going into all that I 
plan to post a criteria sheet cobbed from Alan Belkin's article on Mac 
notation progs in a 1994 issue of the Computer Music Journal. I think it 
would be enlightening and useful to see how well or badly Linux notation 
apps in 2004 stack up against the major Mac apps in the same category 
ten years ago. Might be fun... Anyway, I'll post the criteria later 
today. Meanwhile I will unresevedly that LilyPond simply rules, it's an 
amazing project, and the quality of output is truly remarkable. Big 
props to everyone connected to the 'Pond !



PS: Oh yeh, the Bordeaux red wines aren't too shabby either... ;)

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