[linux-audio-user] in trouble with rme digi96/8 pad

kmd lazone at pi.be
Thu Jul 15 08:03:33 EDT 2004

Malcolm Baldridge wrote:
> Quoting kmd <lazone at pi.be>:
>>immediately worked like a charm with mdk 9.2. unbelievable. the trouble 
>>started with mdk 10.0. i managed to make it work after several days of 
>>searching. don't ask me how, i woke up, booted and to my surprise it 
>>worked. never change a winning configuration you would say. indeed. 
>>today i reenabled the onboard audio chip in the bios, booted windows, 
>>booted back linux and yes trouble happened.
> Ouch.  This reads like one of those bad soap operas where you know how it's
> going to end, you shout at the TV screen "DON'T DO IT!!" but the actors keep
> continuing onwards to their doom.
>>alsa 1.0.2c
>  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> This is quite old.  Have you considered updating to ALSA-1.0.5a?

i upgraded to 1.05, same problem: no error messages when playing 
anything, but again no sound.

> You can try the "minimalist" approach of just upgrading your drivers first,
> and then the UTILITIES (not the libraries)... if you upgrade your libraries,
> you might need to recompile/re-link every ALSA application in your box,
> which would be a terrible amount of work and effort for just an experiment.
>>mandrake 10 official, standard 2.6 kernel
> Yikes.  I smell so much danger here, Will Robinson.
> Verify the audio drivers are loading apropriately (check dmesg)
> Verify mixer settings with a low-level tool like alsamixer.  Double-check
> MUTE settings.  Check "procinfo" command for a registered IRQ on the sound
> card, and that the IRQ count is non-zero.  If it's a shared IRQ with another
> active device, this won't give you any conclusive data.

as i said, alsamixer works fine and is unmuted. amixer:

[kmd at bazz kmd]$ amixer
Simple mixer control 'DAC',0
   Capabilities: pvolume
   Playback channels: Front Left - Front Right
   Limits: Playback 0 - 16383
   Front Left: Playback 12568 [77%]
   Front Right: Playback 12568 [77%]

[kmd at bazz kmd]$ cat /proc/asound/card0/rme96
RME Digi96/8 PAD at 0xf6000000, irq 21 (index #1)

General settings
   period size: 8192 bytes

Input settings
   input: coaxial
   sample rate: no valid signal
   sample format: 16 bit

Output settings
   output signal: same as input
   sample rate: 44100 Hz
   sample format: 16 bit
   sample clock source: internal
   format: IEC958 (consumer)
   emphasis: off
   non-audio (dolby): off

Analog output settings
   monitored ADAT tracks: 1+2
   attenuation: 0 dB
   volume left: 16383
   volume right: 16383

> Sorry, Monsieur KMD.
> =MB=

thank you

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