[linux-audio-user] SCORE for UNIX/Linux ?

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Fri Jul 16 12:43:40 EDT 2004


  My thanks to everyone who has responded so far. I was especially 
interested in SCORE after reading comments about some if its more 
"compositional" features, but it seems that SCORE has several drawbacks:

    1. It costs a fair chunk of dinero.
    2. It hasn't yet been proven to run under DOSemu.
    3. It's copy protected.
    4. No source code.

Of course these concerns are personal, and SCORE still seems like a most 
interesting environment for composers who like to work with standard 

  Luis: Thanks for the links, I had checked them out some time ago but 
forgot about them. Btw, my recent interest has come about as a result of 
rewriting my book chapter on music notation software.

  Today's goal: MusicTeX, maybe using Lyx (?) for a front-end. Anyone 
here have any experience with MusicTeX or any member of its family ?

Best regards,


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