[linux-audio-user] Virtual Mixing Desk

luis jure ljure at multitel.com.uy
Sat Jul 17 16:36:36 EDT 2004

el Sat, 17 Jul 2004 17:16:48 +0200
Arnold Krille <arnold at arnoldarts.de> escribió:

> Second: JackMix [1]
> I am writing it exactly for the 
> multiple-softsynths-with-no-common-mixer-problem. It isn't nearly finished
> [1]: http://roederberg.dyndns.org/~arnold/jackmix/

first of all, a very nice web site, arnold, fully html compliant. it's
perfectly viewable with dillo, congratulations.

and jackmix seems to be very nice indeed, i'll try it soon. my only
complaint is that from the screenshots it seems to be involving instead of
evolving: the original sliders in 0.0.1 were substituted in 0.0.3 with
knobs, a device that makes sense when manipulated with real hands (if you
excuse the redundancy, not very evident in english, anyway), but very
awkward in a GUI. consider returning to some sort of sliders, they're far
more convenient in a GUI, since their movement follow better the movement of
the mouse.

but you can safely disregard my comments, it has been demonstrated that i
don't represent well what most people like/want...




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