[linux-audio-user] alsa problem

petri pepe-e at pepe-e.com
Sun Jul 18 19:52:08 EDT 2004

thank you for your reply!

how do i know if the firmware is properly loaded? (well... apparently it 

i tried to run the usx2yloader: "no US-X2Y-compatible cards found". i'm 
afraid that this is way over my understanding.

i installed all of the alsa stuff but the page doesn't mention anythin 
about fxload. what is it?

i'm really glueless...


Rui Nuno Capela wrote:

>Have you checked that the firmware is being properly loaded? The us-x2y
>(us-122 in your case) device has two startup stage steps: the first step
>loads the firmware, the second loads a fpga program into device ram, IIRC.
>Those steps are contiguous and should commanded by the alsa/hotplug
>binding scripts. Most important then, you need fxload, alsa-tools and
>alsa-firmware packages correctly installed.

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