[linux-audio-user] Mellotron

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Mon Jul 19 06:04:17 EDT 2004

Last Monday 19 July 2004 10:29, Emiliano Grilli was like:
> The author of the samples, a friend of mine, when asked said that we can
> use it like we did with the rhodes one that he made
> (http://www.yeeking.net/index.php?location=Sound%20Fonts), making a GPL
> sound font or gus patch (he's asking only a mention of his website on the

Yes please!

There is also considerable interest in creating a fully GPL'd (and therefore 
distributable :-) GM soundfont from the Rosegarden camp. The rhodes is lovely 
btw :-) I tend to want the entire orchestra, single sounds don't really work 
with QSynth, because they all end up overwriting bank:0 patch:0 rather than 
their proper GM slots.

If no-one has got there before me, I will be putting in an FR for swami, as 
we're never going to accomplish this using smurf.


tim hall

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