[linux-audio-user] SCORE for UNIX/Linux ?

luis jure ljure at multitel.com.uy
Mon Jul 19 09:18:25 EDT 2004

el Fri, 16 Jul 2004 12:43:40 -0400
Dave Phillips <dlphilp at bright.net> escribió:

> it seems that SCORE has several drawbacks:
>     1. It costs a fair chunk of dinero.
>     2. It hasn't yet been proven to run under DOSemu.
>     3. It's copy protected.
>     4. No source code.

i guess that makes it pretty much useless for most of us. in my case, reason
number 1 is enough...

>   Today's goal: MusicTeX, maybe using Lyx (?) for a front-end. Anyone 
> here have any experience with MusicTeX or any member of its family ?

hardly a peek many years ago, at a time when i knew about linux even less
than now. i soon discarded it thinking that if i were to invest my time
learning a text-based music notation program, i'd rather go for CMN.

is it just my impression, or people here don't mention CMN much? i only
tried it a bit, never wrote a complete score, but i still think i'd rather
learn that that other programs i've seen. it's tightly integrated with
CM/CLM, which is not only convenient for algorithmic composition, but also
offers a tool to convert to and from other formats, like MIDI files or
csound scores.

it's true that i don't know well other notation packages for linux, but from
the examples i've seen, most of them seem to be more appropriate for simpler
notation, like classical music or popular songs. i'm not trying to notate
anything ferneyhough-like, not even close, but the score can still get quite
complex pretty soon...




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