[linux-audio-user] Virtual Mixing Desk

Stefan Scheffler stefanscheffler at gmx.net
Tue Jul 20 14:16:06 EDT 2004

Olivier Guilyardi schrieb:

> RickTaylor at speakeasy.net wrote:
>>  How 'bout those little number like they use in high endish graphics 
>> programs?
>>  ...Where you have a row of numbers that it looks like they pulled 
>> out of a slot machine and you can either click on them and enter a 
>> new number, use the up and down arrows on the side or click and move 
>> your mouse in one direction or the other to change the numbers.
>>  I like the idea of mapping the audio frequency to a corresponding 
>> color frequency as well... Maybe you could have the numbers or a 
>> border around the numbers change color?
> He, yeah, the good old gtk spin button... The problem is there is no 
> "click and move" behaviour AFAIK. That'd be great, this requires 
> having a little button between the up and down arrow, which you press 
> to obtain the same effect as a knob.
that sounds almost like blenders "slide buttons" .

they basically like that (if it doesn't get mangled):

|<   0.800  >|

you can:
a: click on the edges to change the value step by step (ctrl+click for 
larger steps)
b: click and move your mouse to change the value (limitable with <ctrl> )
c: <shift> click to enter a value manually

say anything you want about blenders interface but these buttons rock :D

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