[linux-audio-user] Mellotron

Ryan ruinaudio at comcast.net
Tue Jul 20 18:10:37 EDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-07-20 at 22:39 +0200, Emiliano Grilli wrote:
> Unfortunately, yesterday on #lad ryanpg told me that the samples are too
> short to make good loops, but if someone wants to try nevertheless...

It's not *impossible* I bet someone with a lot of patience could set
some reasonable loop points.  The mellotron is a neat sounding
instrument, I'd be really excited to have digital copies of the original
tape loops.  But each of these key presses is about a minute long and
the mellotron has a real "dynamic" sound so getting a loop that doesn't
sound like a "broken record" or abrupt buzz will be hard.

It should be really easy to come up with a great mellotron sample set
(since it's essentially a sampled instrument).  But I think having a
nice long keypress (4 seconds) would make it much easier.

Here's a link I found where some mellotron samples are offered for
download along with suggested loop points.  Good starting point.  Good
luck for whoever get's this sample set put together, it'd be great to

Thanks for posting them Emiliano.



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