[linux-audio-user] Virtual Mixing Desk

RickTaylor at Speakeasy.Net RickTaylor at Speakeasy.Net
Wed Jul 21 02:36:54 EDT 2004

> > But about color scale squares, just imagine how compact it can get : 8 
> > tracks with 4 levels each, that's 32 little square on a gtk drawing 
> > area. I believe white to black would be very efficient, and rolling over 
> > a level or adjusting it, the status bar would get you some numerical 
> > information.
>  You mean for presets? I'm not quite sure what you mean.

 I think I've figured out what you mean.

 What if you had a larger square with all of the tracks mapped to it... You could click to insert a level point and slide it across the gradient to set the volume of some parameter. {a set of frequencies which you could determine in some other box}. You could map specific frequencies to a specific color and connect all of the dots of one color together with beziers... {that way you'd actually be changing the volume of intervening tracks with the bezier {adding points would add specific control.} Maybe you could drag "frequency gridlines" from the edges like you do in a vector drawing program. {Drag them into the square, set the parameters... adjust}

 :} Now that I look at this... the gradiant's sort of beside the point. I suppose it would make a nice indicator.

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