[linux-audio-user] [OT] good studio monitors

Jamie Guinan guinan at bluebutton.com
Fri Jul 23 14:44:00 EDT 2004

On 22 Jul 2004, Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano wrote:

> I have four 824's at home and they are fine, very good the the price (a
> little too much bass) <snip>

Funny, I just got a pair of 824's a few weeks ago, and I found that the
bass was really weak in my intended "sweet spot" position (speakers are
a few feet apart on a shelf,  against the wall, at ear level).

Turns out I have some serious acoustic issues.  The bass all but
disappears around the point between the front and back walls (standing
wave?), but I discovered that there's a lot of bass "hiding" in the
corner, very loud and boomy there.

I found this interesting/informative (disclaimer: the author sells bass


Looks like I have some work to do...


> -- Fernando

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