[linux-audio-user] CPU clock - Coppermining

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Mon Jul 26 11:23:07 EDT 2004

Last Monday 26 July 2004 00:08, Rick B was like:
> 50 degrees C is not very hot, from my experience. Especially if you did
> not turn up the voltage on your CPU. Most processors have thermal
> cuttoffs that kick in around 80C. Under high load (~95% CPU utilization)
> my Athlon 2500 that is OCed will run at about 50C and that is with the
> default voltage, and that is about the norm from what I have read.
> Without a load it runs ~40C. Raising your CPU voltage is what will get
> you into trouble, as part of the extra power is turned into heat.

Last Monday 26 July 2004 03:44, Ryan Underwood was like:
> ust for another data point, I have a 533MHz Coppermine Celeron which
> has been running at 800Mhz (100MHz * 8) for over 3 years now.  Never
> given me a lick of trouble at that speed.  I did bump up Vcc by
> 1/10 of a volt to ward off any potential marginal behavior.  Perhaps you
> could try the same.  I would not recommend more than a .2V increment,
> because it starts to be a rather large percentage increase.

OK, the voltage is automatically set by my motherboard, so I don't think I 
could touch it even if I wanted to. From what I've read so far, it's possible 
that these processors will run stably at this speed, it's just not a 
guarantee, so they've been rated very conservatively. I'll keep watching for 
signs to the contrary.


tim hall

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