[linux-audio-user] Your synth wishlist?

Rick Henry rhenry at ac-technologies.com
Thu Jul 29 23:34:05 EDT 2004

On Thu, 29 Jul 2004 22:14:36 -0400, Dave Robillard wrote
> ...
> What I think you need is for linuxsampler to become a usable gigasampler
> player (it kinda works a little bit sometimes right now) - there's some
> disturbingly nice gigasampler libraries out there.
> -DR-

For this very reason I have Chickensys' Translator Pro (running under WinXP).
 Yeah, it sucks to have to use Windows for the translation process, but the
resulting files are usable on a Linux system.  I have translated all my Gig
files to Soundfont format, which are quite playable in Fluidsynth/Qsynth.  The
only thing I lose in translation are key switches, in which case are
translated to separate instruments.

See: http://www.chickensys.com/support/software/translator/soundfont/giga.html
for details.


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