[linux-audio-user] RE: some more 'made with Linux' music

daniel.vincent at blueyonder.co.uk daniel.vincent at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Mar 1 10:51:18 EST 2004

> I'm hoping this was a "linux only" recording. It's something that you
> can be proud of as far as show people what one can do with a linux audio
> studio.

I used to record all my music using Broadcast2000. I could never get on with Cinellera, Jack/Ardour crashed too often and my machine was too rubbish to run Audacity with no real latency.
I've recently started using Ardour (now that Broadcast2000 is getting harder and harder to find in a stable packaged form, I think only SuSE still includes it with their current distro?) which is good fun if a bit intimidating to start with. I've also upgraded my machine, so using Audacity is also less painful than it used to be. It's ideal for sharing projects with non-Linux musicians...
Incidentally, are there any Linux musicians in South London?
www.o <http://www.onionjack.co.uk> nionjack.co.uk - that's just silly
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