[linux-audio-user] Any additional documentation for Ardour?

Chris Metzler cmetzler at speakeasy.net
Wed Mar 3 11:24:35 EST 2004

Hi.  I'm trying to learn how to use Ardour.  I'm doing so by using it to
do some simple tasks for which it's really overkill (moving a series of
long mono recordings of a live performance to disk, cutting it up into
tracks, using gain envelopes to clean up some spots, exporting to WAVs),
but which will give me the chance to learn the basics of how it's used.

I've looked at the manual at ardour.org, but it's under construction and
the vast majority of its intended contents aren't there yet.  The ProTools
reference manual has been helpful to understand concepts; but there's
necessarily still a bit of a disconnect.  I've looked through the Ardour
documentation project stuff at http://www.djcj.org/LAU/ardour/ , much of
which has been helpful; but a lot of it appears to have been written for
much earlier versions of Ardour, and the interface buttons/mouse
actions/etc. no longer seem to be the same.  Many of the menu commands
have hotkeys, and there are apparently hotkeys for other actions not in
the menus; but I can't find a list of those hotkeys anywhere.  The FAQ
that comes with the software is helpful re: the mouse actions, but I'm not
sure what some of the mouse actions described even are.  I've searched the
archives of this mailing list for other requests for Ardour docs; the
requests have typically been a while ago, and in response they've been
referred to the above docs.

So I'm wondering if, in the time that's lapsed since then and since some
of the above has been written, there've come along any other source for
Ardour documentation/ instructions that I've missed?



P.S.  Does anyone know if the ardour-users-ardour.org list is functional?
I joined it 10 hours ago and sent it an email asking about archive from
before last month; it didn't seem to forward on to the rest of the list
(at least, I didn't get a copy).  The list archives haven't shown any
activity for about 20 hours.

Chris Metzler			cmetzler at speakeasy.snip-me.net
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